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Hello, Parents!

Well, it is nearing the end of October and that means its Red Ribbon Week time for Andrew Lewis Middle School!  Listed below is the plan for this year’s event and, as you can see, it’s going to be a fun, exciting and meaningful way to drive home the point of staying drug free.  Our theme this year is:  “It’s cool to be drug free!” This is a wonderful way for all of us to band together to emphasize the importance of staying drug free for our middle-schoolers.  And if you can volunteer in any way, please let our Health and Safety Coordinator, Bryan Buckles, know about your availability.  Thank you in advance for your support and let’s all have another very successful Red Ribbon Week at ALMS!

Friday Prior:

We will be decorating inside and outside on 10/19 after school dismisses.


  • During lunches, the students will sign the “Pledge banner” and receive stickers to place their names on.  They will be instructed to wear their stickers daily to show their pledge to be drug/alcohol free!


  • Volunteers throughout the week hand out candy or small goodies to the students wearing their wristband between classes in the hallways. Please let Bryan Buckles know if you can help with this!


  • “My hobby is my High”Please have your middle-schoolers wear sports jersey/uniform, camo, band/music shirt, etc.“Spread the RED” (lots of red), “My School is Drug Free”. Please also have them wear a school shirt or colors each day.  We are driving home the point that our interests lie in something(s) that, unlike drugs, really are cool!


  • Tacky Hat Day! “Put a cap on drugs”.  Have your students wear their favorite crazy hat!


  • “Sock it to Drugs” Crazy Sock Day.  Please encourage your children to wear some crazy socks as a way to show we all are willing to “sock it to drugs!”


  • The principals from each grade will randomly draw names out of a hat and those students will receive prizes. Only those students who have publicly pledged to be drug free are eligible to win prizes.
  • “Be Like Me, DRUG FREE!” Please have your children dress like twins, triplets, etc.  Another great way to drive home the point of our theme!